Introducing eLO’s eShop Live the next generation of online eCommerce, an Omni-Channel Direct to Store Online LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping ServiceeShop Live Bridges the gap between on-line e-Commerce and the brick & mortar store, eShop Live is an online e-Commerce / brick & mortar hybrid experienceSee our page: What’s wrong with the current On-line e-Commerce systems, process and experience?... and The “StreamingeCommerce Live” Solution.


Going forward, “Customer experience is the key to success. The commercial battleground is no longer just price, product or efficient supply chain. It is now customer experience” ~ KPMG Global Trtail Trends 2018

eLO was born out of the frustration of a small independent retailer trying to setup and launch a traditional eCommerce Store.  This lead to rethinking the entire system and creating a new “Customer Centric Experience” and service which takes the best of both Brick & Mortar and Online eCommerce, and combining them into a shopping experience that is the next best thing to actually being in the store - in some respects, it may even be better!

eShop Live will be the most exciting, game changing, service/system/technology to launch  into the Apparel Retail
sector since Online eCommerce Stores, or Popups...and clearly the best choice for small independent retailers.

Our eShop Live service operates via our unique and proprietary API Plugin Application placed into your website.  The service operates on a certain percentage of Sales which is deducted via the Payment gateway.  Please contact us for further information and a current quote for your store - see Contact page.

For a more in-depth view of About the eCommerce Live Omnichannel click the proceeding link.


eCommerce LIVE Omnichannel
The Next Generation eCommerce

Blurring the Distinction Between Online and In-Store
On-line Direct to Store LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping