The eLO eShop LIVE Platform was born out of the frustration of a small independent and seasonal
                              retailer trying to setup, launch and successfully manage an eCommerce Store to complement his
                              brick & mortar store - and thereby become a year-around business.

                              A great deal of research and conversation with others in the industry lead to rethinking the entire online system and creating a new “Customer Centric Shopping Experience” - a new shopping channel which takes the best of both Brick & Mortar and Online eCommerce, and combines them into an online experience that is the next best thing to
actually being in the store - in some respects, it may even be better!

eLO eShop LIVE sits between the current Brick & Click of Retail
The Next Generation eCommerce
Blurring the Distinction Between Online & In-Store

An Online Direct to Store LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping Experience

Then came the Covid-19 pandemic which not only paralyzed the world-at-large, but will forever change the face of retail...

...Consider recent retail industry reports:

How Live Streaming is Changing eCommerce Shopping

~ By 2023, the eCommerce industry will approach $5 trillion in revenue

~ Live streaming is personal, Interactions are in real-time and Conversations become easy 

~ The storm of live-commerce is here to change the face of e-commerce today

~ Live-stream shopping enables real-time interaction between brands, influencers, and buyers

~ Live-commerce is a phenomenon that is grabbing the attention of every corner or retail

~ The future of retail with live streaming can easily be predicted – it is a vital digital property

~ Live-commerce has no looking back for the retail industry in the coming years

Retailing Post-Coronavirus

~ Retailers are responding to marketplace shifts never anticipated

~ Retailers practicing self-isolation to minimize store visits, generating an unprecedented volume of online ordering and home delivery

~ Mercatus Data shows an increase of 1,200% in online shopping

~ Digital commerce will reach a level that had been predicted for 2025

~ A forever altered landscape will emerge for both consumers and retailers after Covid-19

~ More retailers will rely on implementing a digital supply chain

The eLO eShop and eBrand LIVE Platforms are a game changer for such a time at this, and for the future of retail!