On-line eStores and shopping carts are impersonal, non-interactive, cannot answer your questions
and you have a very limited view of the items you want to purchase.  It is also time and labor intensive

to continually manage inventories. All of that has now changed!

An exciting new service and technology will launch soon - eCommerce LIVE Omnichannel (“eLO”), bridging the gap between traditional on-line e-Commerce and the brick & mortar store.  An On-line e-Commerce LIVE / Brick & Mortar Hybrid

A Direct to Store LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping Experience!

eLO is the next generation of online eCommerce - an Omni-Channel Direct to Store Online LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping Service.  eShop Live very effectively bridges the gap between traditional on-line e-Commerce and your customer actually being in your store. 

eLO will be the most exciting, game changing, service/system/technology to launch into the Retail sector since Online eCommerce Stores, or Popups...and clearly the best choice for small independent retailers vs traditional online eCommerce (or use in combination).  It also solves the peaks and valleys of the “seasonal” retailer as with eLO your store can be open year-around, and your seasonal customers, wherever they may live, can interact LIVE with you and your store via our/your eShop Live store. 

Please browse through this Beta Website and learn more about eLO and what it can do to enhance your store and better serve your customers.  Our Beta launch will be late Fall of 2019 and we hope to offer Beta service to a limited number of retail accounts in the first quarter of 2020.