Industry Trends 2019 - 2025

What shopper mega-trends will impact retailers in 2020 - 2025?

~ Customer Experience is paramount
~ Putting customers first while focusing heavily on innovation using technology as a key differentiator

~ Customer experience will overtake price & product by the year 2020.

~ Cutting-edge advances like interactive/shoppable screens

~ Tech-driven and immersive experiences 
~ Shopping will not be confined to stores, use of computers and mobile devices are the trend

What Is the Future of Ecommerce?

~  17.5% of the $20T in Retailing revenue is now on-line

~  Mobile Buying Is (Almost) the New Normal - 53.7% of U.S. shoppers who start, finish the sale on mobile

~  “Business as usual” is business no more - in retail and in ecommerce it’s not location that matters - The future
     will manifest itself in relationships.

Why Live Video Shopping is the Future of Ecommerce

~  Live video shopping is set to explode

~  The next area set to go wild for live streaming is online shopping

~  Deloitte estimates the Chinese live-streaming market to be worth $4.4 billion USD already

~  Consumers are demanding more interactive experiences

~  Video shopping allows shoppers to get closer to products, hear someone describe what a product feels, looks
     or smells like, and can therefore experience products through the person on the screen

“In the U.S. no live-streaming platform exists for merchants to use as a marketing tool”

Shopaholics: Now you can shop online and watch live streaming at the same time

StreamingeCommerce Live is On-Trend, Blurring the Distinction Between Online and In-Store - the Future of Retail eCommerce LIVE Now!  A Nano, Micro & Small Retail Enterprise Game-Changer!

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